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Teeming was created by author, keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur René Lönngren after having spent 15 years running remote teams at Le Cool Group, a European publishing house he founded in 2003. Le Cool at its peak had over 250 people collaborating weekly across 15 cities, with 95% of all work done remotely. Teeming is the tool he wish he had.

Previously René was part of the founding team at Circles Learnings Labs, Inc based in New York City. Circles main product is a cloud based virtual meeting room that is used by many leading organizations, including Harvard, IESE and Square. René took some of the learnings from running product at Circles and built Teeming, making it possible for remote team across the world to benefit from deeper conversations and better relationships.
René Lönngren

Serial entrepreneur, founder of multiple digital businesses including Le Cool
Sebastian Mitchell

Senior UX lead, with 12 years experience
Toby Lyons
Business development

Senior Saas Sales Executive
David Okuniev

David is the founder and co-CEO of Typeform and an expert in user interaction
Felix Lozano

Cofounder & CEO TEAMLABS/

Creator of Spain's first university degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Johan Åhlund

Founder of Artificial Solutions, world leader in Natural Language Interaction & AI
David Cortez

Facilitator, entrepreneur and founder of Coperfield and Impact Hub Barcelona
Tommy Joiner

CEO & founder at Content Pros. Content marketing expert
Hsiu Wong

Senior UX lead at Shopify and digital product development expert

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