We help Fortune 500 companies reduce time spent in wasteful meetings

Looking to improve team performance? To make your people happier and healthier?
You can either add more people. Or free up the time of the people you already have. 

At Teeming we help innovation and people leaders to give people their time back by reducing the time spent in unproductive meetings. We apply best practises, training and software to implement long lasting change around how meetings are planned and conducted.

The Teeming Cloud Solution is a one of a kind software solution that makes it easy to run great meetings, at scale.


53.000 hours are wasted in unproductive meetings every single day

Every day there are 36-56 million meetings in the US alone. Research shows that 11% of meetings “suck”, i.e. are a complete waste of time,  due to a lack of objectives, unclear agendas and poor facilitation.

Despite that 16% of an organisations collective time is spent in meetings most are not using any specific software or methodologies to make their meetings more efficient. Managers rarely receive any training or guidance on how to run a great meeting.


We combine research, training and technology to make change easy

While we are a technology company we are foremost focused on how to improve people's lives. To do so we use extensive research to understand how people and teams currently run their meetings and what the values and benefits are of the existing behaviour.

Once we have conducted the research we develop a custom program that includes processes, content and training, catered to the specific needs of each partner.

Implementation includes activating our Teeming Cloud Meeting Software for all managers and key meeting leaders. The tool helps to keep the processes alive and makes it easy to improve while making meetings much more efficient.


The easiest and fastest software in the industry. Guaranteed.

If you find an app that solves the user job to be done faster and easier than us we will rebuild our product to match and go beyond. At no cost for you.

Return of time and money invested. Guaranteed.

Any team implementing the Teeming software and processes that does not reduce time wasted in planning and running meetings with at least 5% will get a one year free license.

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