Do you facilitate meetings on a regular basis?

Great! Then we have something that could make your life much easier.

Running engaging meetings can be hard. Teeming makes it easier by dealing with agendas, planning, timings, sharing rounds and lets you focus on engaging with the participants.

No need to track anymore who has shared and who not, if you are running behind, or how much time is left of the meeting. Teeming does it for you.

Facilitating in-person meetings and keeping everyone engaged is a hard task on its own. Doing the same thing in a digital meeting, using Zoom or Webex, is even harder. Teeming makes running a great meeting much, much easier.

What are the benefits of using Teeming?

Teeming is the only digital facilitation tool on the market. It was built to help the facilitator plan, prepare and run a better meeting by automating many of the most common task we face as facilitators.

Benefits include:

Getting started can not possibly be any easier

No login. No email confirmation. No credit card.

Just start a new meeting & share your screen. Build the meeting topics like a slide deck. Do sharing rounds, voting sessions and even board style brainstormings...

How does it work?

Teeming works like a slide deck with specific features built-in to facilitate a better meeting.

1. Create a free account here
2. Create a new meeting
3. Add your meeting agenda - each item is a slide
4. Add visuals, videos or embed content (optional)
5. Share the agenda with the attendees for their review (optional)
6. Run your meeting - share your screen via the in-room projector or in a video call

It is really simple. Give it a go a let us know how it goes 😊
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