Slide deck meets workshop toolkit

Teeming works like a smart slide deck where each slide holds an activity. Each activity is based upon best practises from the world of team development. Pick the tool you need: from team building and bonding to deep work and problem solving.

Every slide is an activity

Add as many activities as you want. Each activity has a time assigned to you can keep the session snappy.

Brainstorm, develop ideas or run a retrospective

Create as many idea boards as you need. Participants add their ideas using their phone or PC. Organise cards by dragging them around.

Ice-breakers and conversation starter questions included

Teeming comes with a content library with questions you can add to your session in one click. Great for getting to know each other more.

Set up sharing rounds on any activity to overcome different communication styles

Some people speak a lot while others say little. Run automatic sharing rounds to foster a culture of inclusion where everyone's voice is equally valued. Teeming does this for you automatically.

Understand what people really think

Run anonymous voting sessions to avoid cultural bias or decisions being made without everyone really agreeing.

Track action items & decisions

Keep a record of what was decided and who will do what in one place. Each action item and decision is connected to the activity where it was added.

Share a beautiful summary with everyone in just one click

All session outcomes are stored in a single document so everyone gets the full picture

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