Here is how Teeming works

The absence of direct in-person communication presents a huge challenge for remote teams. Most teams have never had a group bonding session.

Events structured around an activity work much better than just holding big group video calls as it gives everyone something to focus on and people get involved easier. Teeming makes running an engaging work or bonding activity simple.

1. Create a work session

Add one or more activities to your session. From problem solving to ice breakers to team building. Or create your own.

2. Share your screen

Teeming does not include video or audio calling. Instead it works with any video software. Share your video link with your participants and start screen share.

3. Do the activities together

Participants answer questions, add ideas and interact using their phone, tablet or PC. No login or account needed. See all results in real time on the shared screen.

4. Get a nice looking summary

As you run your session everything is stored: votes, polls, ideas, decisions, action items etc. Share with everyone at one click.

See how Teeming works in 90 seconds

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