Remote team building used to be hard

We built Teeming to attend a need we saw ourselves running a remote team for over 10 years, spread across 15 cities, in three continents. Shared experiences are fundamental for team building and making people feeling integrated - that is hard when not being in the same room.

Teeming helps by making it easy to have a deeper and more meaningful connection when you run your video calls. We have included a collection of activities that will drive a personal and interesting conversation, leading to people opening up and sharing more of their whole self.

Add activities that get the conversation started

Teeming comes with a library of questions that you can add to your session. No need to search online or come up with you own. We have already prepared an interesting set of questions for you.

Make sure everyone's voice is heard

One of the most efficient ways to get a team to bond is to make sure everyone feels equally appreciated and listened to. Teeming makes that easy by letting you run sharing rounds, where everyone takes turns sharing. A timer keeps the conversations on track.

Have fun together

Do a quiz. Upload a selfie. Or a picture of your desk. Get everyone to interact and create the outcome of the session together.

Many more to come...

We will be adding many more team building and team bonding activities shortly. Feel free to reach out and let us know which ones are your favourite real life activities and we can look at adding them to our virtual tool kit.

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