Solve problems, together, in-real time

Trying to hash out a solution to a problem or developing a proposal together using chat or unstructured video calls can be a pain. There are times where we really just need to get into a common space and develop a solution together.

Teeming was built to help remote teams to work together, in real-time. Just start a video call using your favourite video platform and then start a session in Teeming.

Brainstorming session

Participants add ideas using their own PC or mobile. All ideas appear as cards, in real-time, on the shared board.

Organise the ideas by creating lists and dragging the cards around.

Co-create, visually.
Then vote.

Participants can upload images and suggestions from their PC or phone.

Everyone can vote on the most popular suggestions.

See how Teeming works in 90 seconds

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